Diese Software habe ich vor einigen Jahren entwickelt bzw. portiert. Heutzutage hat sie bestenfalls noch historischen Wert. Da aber alte Sachen im Internet oft schwer zu finden sind biete ich sie hier weiterhin zum Download an.

Peters Programming Pages

MacApp was a very good framework for Classic Mac OS. The components provided here are for MacApp R13u4f. Please send changes back to me for inclusion in later updates.

MacApp project files for CW Pro 2

About this project

CodeWarrior Pro 2 gets a little dated now that Pro 4 is out. But some people (including myself) are still using it. Unfortunately MacApp R13U4f does not support Pro 2 any longer "out of the box". It is fairly easy to "port" the Pro 2 project files of previous MacApp versions to R13U4f. I made them publicly availiable here to allow others to benefit from my effort.


MacApp/CW Pro2 kit (MacBinary, 1 MB)

MacApp/CW Pro2 kit (BinHex, 1.4 MB)

OpenGL view class for MacApp

About this project

Now that OpenGL is an integral part of MacOS it would be great to have an OpenGL component for MacApp. This view class can be used with Conix OpenGL 1.3.3 or later. Mesa should be working too - although I did not test it. A sample application demonstrating the use of this class is provided. You will need AdLib 3.0 or later to use the view template included in this kit.


MacApp OpenGL support kit (MacBinary, 56 KB)

MacApp OpenGL support kit (BinHex, 72 KB)

Open Inventor for Macintosh

About this project

This is an initial version of the SGI Open Inventor ported to Macintosh. It requires CodeWarrior Pro (I used Version 5.3) and the QuickTime SDK from Apple. Apart from the Open Inventor library two GLUT based sample projects are provided (and tested). The archive includes the full source code (FreeType2, libFl, Open Inventor and a small UN*X compatibility library).


Open Inventor kit (MacBinary, 10.4 MB)